Table 1

Clinical Characteristics of Aortic Tissue Donors

(n = 76)
(n = 13)
p Value
Age, yrs69 (65–75)53 (44–68)<0.001
Females16 (21)6 (46)0.08
Current/previous/never smoker, %31/45 (41/59)3/10 (23/77)0.36
Aneurysm diameter, mm64 (58–75)NA
Hypertension55 (72)NA
Stroke12 (16)NA
Previous myocardial infarction17 (22)NA
Peripheral arterial disease11 (14)NA
Diabetes5 (7)NA
Aspirin47 (62)NA
Clopidogrel2 (3)NA
ACE inhibitors20 (26)NA
Angiotensin II receptor blockers14 (18)NA
Beta-blockers29 (38)NA
Statins55 (72)NA

Values are median (Interquartile range) or n (%).

Either Student t-test or Fisher exact test was used to compare continuous and categorical data, respectively.

AAA = abdominal aortic aneurysm; ACE = angiotensin-converting enzyme; NA = not available.