TableĀ 1

Selected Reasons for an Academic Scientist Becoming Engaged in Entrepreneurial Activities

Benefits of Entrepreneurial Activities
Potential Positive OutcomesAvoidance of Negative Career Obstacles
  • 1. Improving societal health, through increasing the probability of commercializing discovery

  • 1. Potential release from the typical academic career path

  • 2. Creation of additional sources of funding, allowing for grant-independent research support

  • 2. Elimination of dependence on the academic system

  • 3. Potential of favorably influencing the scientific field

  • 3. Escape from monotonous and repetitive work routines

  • 4. Exposure to new research techniques and areas

  • 5. Opportunity to experience and learn nonscientific skill sets

  • 6. Job creation

  • 7. Generation of investor and institutional return on investment

  • 8. Positive effects on personal mental health through creation of an interesting, new challenge and an alternative career path

  • 9. Source of personal revenue, relieving pressure to generate academic institutional salary support