Table 3

Chronic Long-Term Tricuspid Valve Study

Sex, Body Weight (kg)Model #Ice C-C Dimension (cm)Blood Loss (ml)Time for Implant (min)ΔPp mm Hg (peak)ΔPm mm Hg (mean)RVOT Velocity (m/s)RVOT Gradient (mean/mm Hg)Leakage
Central or Paravalvular
Duration (days)
F, 105 TAX273.592506. central30
F, 104 TAX273.93400126.02.50.471.2No150
M, 98 TAX273.933005.
F, 100 TAX273.923507.≥150/alive
F, 96 TAX274.551,000EUTHEUTHTVD0.3
F, 95 TAX274.421506.≥150/alive
M, 85 TJX274.0050156.02.80.502.0Mild PVL210
M, 88 TJX273.70100125.42.00.411.8No210
F, 90 TJX274.1250176.43.20.521.6No≥120/alive
F, 85 TJX273.9375184.82.50.442.1Mod PVL≥120/alive
M, 89 TJX274.1085155.02.70.532.2No≥90/alive
M, 90 TJX273.8890134.72.20.491.9No≥90/alive

C-C = commissure-to-commissure; EUTH = euthanasia; ICE = intra-cardiac cardiography; Pm mmHg = mean pressure gradient across the valved stent; Pp mmHg = peak pressure gradient across the valved stent; PVL = paravalvular leak; RVOT = right ventricular outflow tract; TA = transatrial; TJ = transjugular; TVD = total valve dislodgement.